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本文摘要:Youre watching the latest season of Orange is the New Black on Netflix when, all of a sudden, the video jerks to a stop—and the endless buffering begins. Its frustrating when your network slows down, but there are a few tricks you can use

Youre watching the latest season of Orange is the New Black on Netflix when, all of a sudden, the video jerks to a stop—and the endless buffering begins. Its frustrating when your network slows down, but there are a few tricks you can use boost your Wi-Fi signal.你在看Netflix近期一季的《女子监狱》,忽然视频戛然而止,无休无止的缓冲器开始了。网络速度减慢无非无聊,但有些小秘笈可以提高Wi-Fi信号。1.DONT HIDE YOUR ROUTER.1.不要把路由器藏一起Most people hide their routers because theyre unsightly or in the way, but placing a router in a closet is a one-way ticket to slow Wi-Fi: Walls and doors can degrade and absorb signal strength. Find a central location in your home and put your router on a table or bookshelf. Because some routers are designed to project a Wi-Fi signal slightly downward, keeping it higher off the ground will evenly distribute a Wi-Fi signal throughout your home.多数人会斥路由器有碍观瞻,或因挡道占到地方而把路由器藏一起,但把路由器敲橱柜里只不会弱化Wi-Fi信号:墙壁和门会吸取信号、减少信号强度。

在你家去找个中心方位,把路由器敲桌上或者敲书架上。因为有些路由器的设计是把无线信号稍微向上发送到,把路由器高置可以让信号在你家均匀分布。2.STAY AWAY FROM APPLIANCES AND METAL OBJECTS.2.靠近电器和金属物件Microwaves, cordless telephones, flourescent lights, and even other routers may interfere with your Wi-Fi signal.Place your router away from household appliances and set it to a different wireless channel and frequency. You should also avoid placing your router near metal objects, which can absorb signal strength.微波炉、无线电话和日光灯乃至其它路由器都会影响你的无线信号。

让路由器靠近家用电器,设置有所不同的无线频道和频率。某种程度也要防止把路由器放到金属物件周围,因为金属物件不会吸取信号强度。3.RESET ON A SCHEDULE3.定期重置路由A majority of tech support problems can be cleared up by simply resetting or rebooting your router or modem on a regular basis. And if you buy an outlet timer, set the timer to reset your router once a day at an off-peak time.多数技术支持问题只要定期重置路由器或者重新启动调制解调器就可以解决问题。

你要是卖定点插座,就设置好每天避免高峰时段重置路由器。4.UPDATE YOUR FIRMWARE4.升级固件Running firmware updates is annoying and time consuming. But if you have an older router, those updates ensure your routers software is running at its best and most efficient. Its best to buy a new router every seven or eight years.升级固件糟心且耗时。

可要是你的路由器较原有,升级可以保证其软件高效有效地运营。每七八年就卖个新的路由器最差不过了。5.ADJUST YOUR ROUTERS ANTENNAS.5.调节路由器的天线Most routers have two adjustable antennas on top. If yours are parallel, its time to switch things up and go perpendicular. Wi-Fi works best when signals are parallel to a devices internal antenna, which are horizontal in laptops and vertical in desktop computers. Internal antennas vary in mobile devices, depending on how youre holding them (in portrait or landscape mode). Keeping a routers antennas perpendicular to each other will ensure a solid connection between your home network and your smartphones and laptops.多数路由器顶上有两根可调节天线。如果你的路由器天线是平行的,就该旋转下,让天线互相横向。


路由器的两根天线维持横向可以保证家庭网络和手机、手提都第五场上且信号欠佳。6.USE BEER CANS6.用啤酒罐The aluminum in beer reflects and extend the signal farther than the router itself.相比路由器本身,啤酒的铝罐能把信号光线伸延得很远。Remove the pop top and cut around the bottom of the can to remove it. Repeat the process for the top of the can, just below the mouth, but dont cut all the way around—make sure the mouth of the can is still attached. Then, from the bottom, cut down the middle of the can. Fan out the flaps to create a curve or parabola and turn the can upside down to stand it up. Stick one of the routers antennas through the mouth of the beer can and use a small piece of duct tape or blu-tack to keep it in place, then repeat the process for the other antenna. Although your router might look messy, your signal strength should greatly improve.把拉环去除,把罐底去除。易拉罐顶部伸展罐口的地方某种程度方式操作者,但不要截断,保证罐口还连着。

然后,从底部把易拉罐从中间破开,进行铝皮呈圆形一定抛物线弧度,把易拉罐长条支一起。把路由器一根天线从罐口穿着出来,再行用一小块强力矽胶或者蓝丁胶相同寄居,另一根天线某种程度方法处置。尽管这样你的路由器看起来乱作一团,但信号强度不会大幅度提高。7.PASSWORD-PROTECT YOUR NETWORK7.给网络设置密码Because home Wi-Fi speeds are dependent on how many people are using it at one time, a strong password is key: It will ensure that only authorized people are using your network. Select a password that is a hard-to-figure-out combination of letters, numbers, and symbols.因为家用无线网络速度各不相同刚好有多少人在用,强劲密码是关键:这样可以保证只有得到许可的人在用于你的网络。

选无法密码的字母、数字和符号的人组作为密码。8.AND STAGGER HEAVY BANDWIDTH USEAGE8.制止重度用于宽带者If too many people on your home network are using heavy bandwidth at the same time, like playing online video games, watching Netflix, and downloading movies and music from iTunes, then your entire network will slow down for everyone.要是同时间有很多人在用于你的家庭网络宽带,如在线打游戏、看Netflix、从iTunesiTunes电影和音乐,那么你整个网络都会速度减慢。

9.BUY A REPEATER9.买台无线中继器Most routers have a range of about 150 feet. The easiest fix to boost the signal in those rooms is to buy a Wi-Fi repeater, which can plug into any wall outlet and will increases a signals range and strength.多数路由器的射程在150英尺。减少信号强度最简单的方法就是卖个无线中继器,可以放入任何一个壁式终端,能不断扩大信号范围、减少信号强度。